As Judge of York County Common Pleas, Attorney Hobbs will:

• Encourage the creation an agricultural program to help troubled youth develop job skills, purpose and work ethic;


• Work with community leaders to create mentoring programs focused on developing integrity and character in troubled youth;


• Implement new processes to streamline the criminal justice system, designed to more efficiently deal with the growing case load and reduce the costs to the tax payers;


• Create evidence based programs designed to develop better principles for criminals to lessen re-offending, help them develop job skills and lessen the costs on tax payers;


Guarantee all individuals the due process of law promised by the Constitutions of the United States and The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;

• Faithfully adhere to the process of law, weigh all evidence with an open mind, and administer justice fairly.

Chuck Hobbs' Story...

I was born on a small farm in Southern York County.  My wife, Kelly, and I are fortunate enough to be able to raise our three young children on the same family farm.  Growing up in a farming community taught me lessons in life that have shaped me into the principled father and husband I am today.

It is my firm belief that our community will be facing tough issues in our future.  I also believe, with principled leadership, we can build a solid foundation for our community to grow strong together.

Upon this strong foundation, we can raise our children in a community that is prepared to  conquer new problems with bold new ideas.  

"Our children are counting on us to make the right decisions now."

I have spent my entire career as a trial attorney representing clients, from all walks of life, in P
ennsylvania State Courts, and United States Federal Court. For Qualifications Click: Meet Chuck Hobbs

As your next Judge of the York County Common Pleas Court, I intend to uphold the intent of Pennsylvania Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.

I believe the role of the Judiciary is to administer and interpret the law as the Legislature intended it to be.  I do not believe a Judge’s role is to create new law and legislate from the bench.

I am prepared to treat everyone with respect and dignity on all sides of the bench, and to help lead our community into the future guided by faith and reason.


A Vote for Chuck Hobbs is a vote for Principles.


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